Mirqurius is a Parisian footwear label launched by urban fashion enthusiasts with the desire to combine art and luxury through shoes that have a strong identity.

At a time when sneaker lovers have a hard time choosing between minimalist or extravagant sneakers, we wanted to create the perfect combination of these two styles.

We designed our first collection with the ambition to design real works of art combining the comfort of a streetwear and the workmanship of a high-end sneaker.


To design our collections, we seek our inspiration in the most beautiful Parisian monuments and in the iconic works of art of our world.

We offer the best to our customers. Every detail is conceived and designed in a perfect way to offer you an exceptional experience.

Raw chic and elegance. Add to that the comfort of footwear sneakers and you have Mirqurius.

We take pleasure in expressing the sobriety and madness represented by art through our collections.


Our creations are made from high quality noble materials.

We select the best master leather craftsmen from Italy and Portugal to transform these exceptional raw materials into a true work of art.

Our collections stand out from the other sneakers on the market, because they have the distinction of being without laces and have a strong visual identity with our tassels.

Mirqurius offers you a unique experience thanks to a perfect combination of art and luxury.