Analepsis a description of an event or scene from an earlier time that interrupts a chronological narrative : a literary flashback.

A literary flashback,in this specific case we are talking about being a support to art through our sneakers by bringing back the most fundamental era of urban culture: the 80’s and 90’s.

The era in wich urban artist used to expres their emotions through art,

“ as a hiphop fan,I feel grateful and with analepsis collection,I wanted to pay tribute to this era that has built a strong foundation wich has brought the urban culture to become what it is today : the leading culture ."

Makarios , creative director MIRQURIUS.

“in this season, streetwear and high fashion is going wild. The fashion industry always find a way to bring new ideas and express it. We feel that the fashion industry is doing recycle classic nowadays. It is same for us. Analepsis is literally flashback to the era of the iconic pieces of the industry that lead us now. We reflecting to the original story of street culture such as skateboard, breakdance, and many more to create a unique designs and of course touched in MIRQURIUS identity”

Rudira, Senior Designer.

Through the enalepsis collection,we will pay homage to urban culture in a sequential way,throughout the year 2020.

Now discover Analepsis first drop hermosa low top HERE

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