(1) MIRQURIUS is known for making sure that each design has a story to tell and some background meaning. Our team always spend unlimited time into deep ideation of a shoe concept,before proceeding with the designing . Today, we are going to tell you about making and inspiration behind our DENOYEZ RUNNER.

(2). The inspiration behind these chunky runners comes from the famous street in Paris called as Rue Denoyez. It is also known as Street Art Valley. Before we tell you the story, let us give you some background of the street. Rue Denoyez was once just a small laneway that was filled with abandoned shops. Nobody used to visit this street but with the idea of graffiti and street artists, this small laneway started getting attention and now it is one of the famous streets in Paris.rue denoyez

Now coming back to the story, the project is to create a long-last shilhouette with Mirqurius identity in it. As the street culture is rising in Paris, we did respond to it in a unique way to the product. Our senior designer, Rudira was watching a documentary about Paris in which they were showing different streets and places of Paris and “Rue Denoyez” street was also mentioned. Upon watching Rue Denoyez on the screen, the street inspired him and thinking that if a place can be transformed and beautified by just doing unique and beautiful artwork on bars, shops, walls and all element of it mixed with classic fashion trend into a shoe. “I was amazed by the way the profusion of artwork in a perpetual way would perfectly combine with the parisian way of life to result into an amazing place with a strong visual identity.” He stated.

Technically, the process of visualize the idea is taking time. Rudira did many paper-work, re-watch the documentary, learn deeper the insight of the story, and a few product construction ideas have to be innovate and more simple. We still remember how excited we were when we found the chosen shillouette and see the possibility of the design to produce. Within the process of designing, Rudira faces up and down situation before the excitement of Denoyez. We immediatly is was something unique when we saw the prototype and we felt successfully delivering art and story into the shoe.

Talking about strong visual identity,that’s what MIRQURIUS aspire for each of our sneakers so it naturally jumped out at Rudira. At that time,the whole team was into ideation process to create our first ever RUNNER concept wich would give Rudira a stronger challenge “we were working on transferring MIRQURIUS identity into a chunky RUNNER which was already a tough challenge,so I immediately had the idea and said we have to mark the occasion”.

Although the idea seemed exciting,transferring all this energy into a shoe,especially with the MIRQURIUS identity,wasn’t an easy work.

“Trying to transfer DENOYEZ street energy wich had so many inspirations and collaborate it with the high fashion and creative culture into runner was really hard. We doing a lot of changes and trial in the process, but MIRQURIUS is always true to the identity and have the particularity of using tassels on every design,those are the iconic pieces of the brand,and that would make it a tougher challenge”.

This is it for part 1,stay tuned for second part,in wich we will give you all the breakdowns about the denoyez runner development.


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