Hermosa low top...à gift from the past to the present.

First drop of analepsis season,Hermosa low top marks the debut of a surprising collection that will be launched sequentially throughout 2020.  

     mirqurius hermosa low top



initially inspired by the world of skate culture and more generaly by the urban culture of the 90s. Just like the name wich is inspired by the very famous Hermosa Park in wich the first skateboard competition was organized. 

we had to take up the new challenge of bringing mirqurius identity into line with a legendary  silhouette. 

The thick rubber outsole gives it the necessary presence, the tassels wich are the iconic pieces of MIRQURIUS identity bring an elegant and classy touch. 

The soft  leather for the lining,in wich we put a round foam-padded sockliner to make it as much comfortable as possible,all of that combined with its  lightweight and minimalist looks, definitely makes it the ultimate hybride  luxury sneaker.

hermosa low top

“ the most amazing about this silhouette is the minimal details that makes it completely unique while remaining quite minimalist. ”

    Makarios HC ,Mirqurius creative director

Hermosa low top will be avalaible on our web shop on February 26. 

Click HERE to read more about Analepsis collection. 


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